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Every year, Native Treasures designates one or two artists as the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture’s Living Treasure. In 2015, we were pleased to designate two notable artists who are sisters: Keri Ataumbi and Teri Greeves.

The MIAC Living Treasure award is given in recognition of artistic excellence and community service.  The award recognizes their bodies of work to date and their exciting futures.

Keri and Teri are award-winning artists who were raised on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.  Their Kiowa mother, Jeri Ah-be-hill, ran a trading post there and their Italian-American father was a bronze sculptor.  As a result, they were exposed to both traditional native American aesthetics and contemporary art from an early age.  Both were encouraged to pursue their individual artistic interests.

Teri started beadwork when she was about eight years old and strives to blend Kiowa oral history and her contemporary experience in her stunning and original beaded creations. Keri, a jeweler, creates striking wearable art that explores the relationship between jewelry’s capacity as adornment and as sculpture.

As artists whose work is different an distinctive, we were proud to celebrate their Kiowa heritage and their individual voices as the 2015 MIAC Living Treasure honorees. In 2014,  Joe and Althea Cajero were awarded the MIAC Living Treasure award in recognition of their artistic excellence and community service.

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