Carol Chiago Lujan (Dine' (Navajo))

About the Artist

Carol is an award-winning clay and glass artist. Art and the creative process have always been an important part of her Navajo heritage. Her work is inspired by the beauty, strength, endurance and humor of Native people. While she comes from a long line of rug weavers, she was more drawn to working with clay. “The ability to mold clay to almost any shape provides endless challenges and is intriguing to me,” she explains. Her clay masks are usually colorfully painted with acrylics and/or glazed and embellished with parrot feathers. She is also known for her sculpted clay horses. More recently, Carol's work has included fused glass art, incorporating traditional designs in her unique glass masks, bowls, platters, and rugs. Many of the designs on her glass rugs are derived from her grandmother's weavings. In addition to her art career, Carol has a PhD in Sociology and is a professor emeritus at Arizona State University.

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