Terran Kipp Last Gun (Piikani Nation (Blackfeet))

About the Artist

Terran Kipp Last Gun is a citizen of the Piikani Nation (Blackfeet) and a young visual artist originally from Browning, Montana. Last Gun’s work explores landscapes which are key in his practice. He is rooted in his home territory of Montana where the plains greet the sun to the East and meet the jagged Rockies (Backbone of the World) to the West. Last Gun explores and recollects, and reimagines place, his home land which has provided shelter, food and livelihood for his people for thousands of years—Last Gun’s remembered narratives and identity are where he draws inspiration and hopes to continues to add to millennia old Piikani aesthetics and philosophy.

As a contemporary Indigenous person, Last Gun also is influenced by a variety of mediums including, pop art, minimalism, color field, and geometric abstraction. Recently Last Gun has worked in printmaking, photography and has experimented with cardboard. Born in 1989, Last Gun graduated from the Institute of American Indian Arts in 2016 with a BFA in Museum Studies and an AFA in Studio Arts focusing on printmaking and photography. Major awards include the 2016 Museum of Indian Arts and Culture’s Goodman Aspiring Artist Fellowship, and being named the 2016 AHA Progressive Arts Festival Guest Curator. Terran Kipp Last Gun is currently based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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