Patricia Michaels (Taos)

About the Artist

Patricia Michaels is a world-renowned Fashion and Textile designer from the beautiful Taos Pueblo. She was runner-up in Season 11 of Project Runway and has received many wonderful awards including the Arts & Design Award from the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian. She was recently a keynote speaker at the Bill & Melinda Gates Scholar Foundation amongst many other accolades. She is regularly invited to lecture at colleges, events, and shows for her work as a Native CEO of her company, PM Waterlily.

Her exciting life in the industry of fashion takes her around the world to places like New Zealand, Africa, Canada, Europe and at least twice a year to New York, NY for fashion week, and more. Most recently Patricia was one of ten selected to represent the USA at the "World Fashion Week, Paris 2017 Expo" at the Louvre Museum in the Tuilieres Gardens. She resides in Taos Pueblo with her cottage industry to help keep her Pueblo culture alive and to encourage the youth. This is and has always been her biggest driving force alongside her 2 beautiful children, Gabriel & Margeaux, and the rest of her family.

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