Robin Waynee (Saginaw Chippewa)

About the Artist

Robin began to develop her jewelry-making skills at a young age, learning from her Chippewa father in Michigan. (She credits her precision to her German mother.) Over the last decade, she has refined her design idiom and honed her skills. Her work is contemporary, exquisitely-crafted, and inspirational to wear. She has won numerous awards at Indian Market and was the first Native American to capture the Grand Prize at the 2012 Saul Bell Awards (the "Oscars" of international jewelry awards). Robin constantly challenges herself to push the boundaries of her art. “What’s not to love about a career that allows me to dream big and create freely,” she says. “It has taken me places I’ve never been. I have learned and grown as a jeweler from the first and every moment that I am at my bench. I want to push the envelope and dazzle people with something they haven’t seen before—that is the whole point.” We are thrilled to welcome Robin to Native Treasures.

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