Ben (Ahn Hia Ohm) Nelson (Dine' (Navajo)/Kiowa)

About the Artist

The son of Yellowman, Ben's talent was nurtured from a very early age. Recognized as a prodigy by the age of 6, he made the cover of "Indian Artist Magazine" at the age of 13. Taking ledger-style art in a new direction, he sees the world of nature without any limitations. As a child, he saw blue, pink, and purple horses and he sought to realize those visions in watercolor. Later he added the use of an airbrush to create the delicate backgrounds that he is known for. One of his paintings, "They Ride with the Night Train," resides in the permanent collection of the White House. In the event that a collector is overwhelmed with excitement in seeing his work, Ben is prepared. He is also a licensed paramedic for the State of New Mexico!

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