2016 Theme for Native Treasures

Mother Earth Native Treasures Indian Arts Festival

Every year, we choose a theme for artists to create a collective vision for the Native Treasures event. This year, we chose “Mother Earth” for the theme of this year’s festival. The earth is often times depicted as a turtle in Native American mythology and art. The turtle signifies water, good health and long life, among other things.

“In the Hopi creation myth, and most Native American creation myths, we are allowed to be here on this earth but only provided we care for it and treat it with respect,” 2016 Featured Artist Dan Namingha said of the state of land and water and our planet, adding that we have a critical role of stewardship of our the earth.

Dan feels that change and evolution are a continuum, and that the future of our planet and membership of the human race must be monitored to insure survival in the spirit of cultural and technology diversity. He says that only then can we merge the positive and negative polarization and create the balance so necessary to the communal spirit of the universe.

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